Ceremonial Rattle - Black
    Ceremonial Rattle - Black Ceremonial Rattle - Black

Ceremonial Rattle - Black

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This rattle has an elk hide rattle, stitched and tied with black sinew and filled with Snowflake Obsidian chips. The handle is of smoothed redwood.

Approximately 3" wide and 14" in length.

A Shaman's Marketplace Original

Snowflake obsidian brings things to the surface. These may be positive or negative, love, anger, secrets; but with snowflake obsidian, these issues are brought to the surface more gently. Snowflake obsidian can provide balance during times of change. Snowflake Obsidian encourages inner reflection making us aware of negative patterns of thought and unhealthy patterns of behaviour and giving us the chance to change them. It is a stone of serenity and purity, and can shield against negativity. Snowflake obsidian gives protection from physical and emotional harm.

Cannot be shipped outside the United States.

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